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Welcome to 2020, welcome to my blog, and welcome to the world of land surveying!

My name is Steve Hannig. I’m a licensed land surveyor in the state of California. I have about a decade of experience in surveying and a decade performing various facets of engineering and land development. I have a degree in Architectural design & drafting and a degree in geography. I’m here to share my knowledge and experience in hopes of helping the public by answering questions, demonstrating the value of land surveyors, and hopefully generating some interest in the profession.

It is apparent that land surveying is generally not very well understood. Upon learning that I'm a surveyor, most new acquaintances ask "what is surveying?". "What exactly do you do?". I should be accustomed to these questions, but they continue to catch me off guard. In my mind, surveying is fundamental to a modern society. Without surveyors, we wouldn't have roads, bridges, modern utilities, etc...

The value of surveyors can be difficult to quantify, especially considering that many people don't know what a surveyor is. Perhaps the most fundamental concept is that surveyors are the only professionals who can make determinations about the location of property boundaries. Considering the cost of real estate in general, and in California particularly, making an assumption about the location or size of your property can be a very costly mistake. A mistake that is easily avoided.

My final goal with this blog is to generate interest in the profession of land surveying. For me, surveying has been a wonderful career. Not only are there are a huge variety of tasks to be performed, but also a huge variety of project types. Each project is different, with its own unique challenges, location, and team members. Time passes quickly and I'm rarely, if ever, bored. In my opinion, this is a great profession for anyone to explore, regardless of your age or background.

Stay tuned, as I will dive into each of these topics (and more!) in future posts.

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